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The New Talent Goldmine is Global

Top Tips from Two Super-Recruiters

Amid economic turbulence and high-profile tech layoffs, companies are expanding their reach beyond traditional borders, capitalizing on a diverse, global talent pool, and increasingly utilizing contract workers.

This is a must-watch webinar for global talent acquisition professionals and HR leaders looking to fortify their talent pipeline and equip themselves with the knowledge necessary for successful global recruitment strategies.

  • Gain insights into current global hiring trends, including the rise of remote and contract work, particularly within high-demand disciplines.
  • Identify leading countries producing top talent, providing crucial information for organizations strategizing or enhancing your global hiring initiatives.
  • Understand the role of an Employer of Record in hiring cross-border talent, managing independent contractor compliance, and ensuring compliance with the complex employment laws of different countries.
  • Learn about the inherent diversity that international hiring brings, and strategies to develop inclusive workplaces across geographical boundaries.